Serge Lutens Blush Duo

Serge Lutens Blush Duo

Serge Lutens Blush Duo
Descrizione: Give your complexion a soft, warm glow with the Serge Lutens Blush Duo. Designed to accentuate natural beauty, Serge Lutens has been celebrated worldwide for redefining the world of luxury beauty and fashion. As the legend himself said, the blush shapes and contours the face with discreet, barely-there colour , illuminating the complexion to give depth to any look. With a lightweight but silky consistency, the blusher melts into the skin for seamless coverage. Soft on the skin, the brush is compact enough for precise application but fluffy enough for effortless blending. With a soft matte finish, the powder graces the complexion with a natural-looking, youthful glow. Housed in a super portable compact, the blush is ideal for touch-ups on the go. Suitable for all skin types.
Categoria: Cosmetics

Prezzo: € 175.45

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