Rodial Instant Glow Primer 30ml

Rodial Instant Glow Primer 30ml

Rodial Instant Glow Primer 30ml
Descrizione: Creating a silky base that’s ready for makeup application, the Rodial Instant Glow Primer leaves your complexion with a natural-looking glow. It’s designed to keep skin moisturised and hydrated for increased comfort throughout the day while helping to maintain seamless coverage that looks smooth and soft with fewer dry patches. The lightweight formula has a cooling texture that soothes your skin while enhancing radiance for a sumptuous luminosity thanks to added micro-spheres. As well as improving your visage’s appearance, the primer protects against water loss, locking in essential moisture and acting as a fortifying shield. Whether you choose to wear the primer alone or underneath your makeup, the primer gives your skin the subtle lift it needs.
Categoria: Cosmetics

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