Rodial Instant Filler Primer 30ml

Rodial Instant Filler Primer 30ml

Rodial Instant Filler Primer 30ml
Descrizione: Lay down a weightless, unified canvas with the Rodial Instant Filler Primer. This silky face primer is designed to balance uneven skin texture while filling the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, supporting a bright, youthful-looking complexion. Infused with a careful blend of ingredients, the blurring formula helps obscure imperfections as it creates a level foundation atop the skin, perfectly prepping the visage for seamless makeup application. The facial primer refines the look of pores as it plumps and softens the visibility of fine lines for a smoother-looking visage. Soaring across the skin with a lightweight texture, the anti-wrinkle primer strives to create a velvety, even base to maximise flawless makeup wear. The Rodial skin primer assists you in achieving a supple, balanced visage that feels hydrated and soft to the touch. This product can be worn alone or beneath complexion-based products.
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