NARS Brow Defining Brush

NARS Brow Defining Brush

NARS Brow Defining Brush
Descrizione: Create the illusion of more defined, dramatic eyebrows with NARS’ brow brush. Perfect for people that are prone to their eyebrows appearing sparse, as the smooth, creamy pencil glides effortlessly across your skin, encouraging the look of fullness. The retractable end of the pencil puts the power entirely into your hands, making it quick and easy to achieve your desired look. A spoolie brush at the other end of the brow pencil allows you to tame the appearance of stray and flyaway hairs, making it ideal for those with more volumised eyebrows. The brush is complete with a black sheen, embellished with white branding.
Categoria: Cosmetics

Prezzo: € 27.45

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