Eylure Fluttery Light 001 Lashes

Eylure Fluttery Light 001 Lashes

Eylure Fluttery Light 001 Lashes
Descrizione: Accentuate your eye look with the Eylure Accent 001 Lashes; a pair of ¾-length false lashes with a flared, fluttery style that packs a punch. Lightweight and reusable, the natural-looking falsies are set upon an invisible band for discreet wear, and the fibres have been knotted and feathered by hand to form a distinctive ‘V’ shape. The feathery glue-on lashes have a graduated mixed length and are slightly more curvaceous with flared outer corners for winged definition. Comfortable to wear, they lend your eyes natural volume and fullness. Adhesive included within.
Categoria: Cosmetics

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