Eylure Fluttery Intense 178 Lashes

Eylure Fluttery Intense 178 Lashes

Eylure Fluttery Intense 178 Lashes
Descrizione: Intensify your eye looks with the Eylure Fluttery 178 Lashes; a pair of full, densly-packed false lashes that flatter with flutter. Lightweight and reusable, the falsies’ synthetic fibres are set upon an invisible band for discreet wear, which boasts a unique curve that hugs the eye contour for precise application and comfortable wear. Boasting a natural-looking style that mimics your real lashes, the falsies feature an angled shape with a longer graduation toward the outer edges, lending you that wide-eyed look that make them appear bigger. Adhesive and application instructions are included. Cruelty-free.
Categoria: Cosmetics

Prezzo: € 6.95

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