Eylure Felicity Lion's Heart Lashes

Eylure Felicity Lion’s Heart Lashes

Eylure Felicity Lion’s Heart Lashes
Descrizione: Embrace your inner queen of the jungle, with Eylure’s Felicity Hayward ‘Lion’s Heart’ false eyelashes. The three-quarter-length lashes are perfect for people that are dipping their toes into the false eyelash waters, allowing them to be delicate, subtle and versatile. The fluttery, doe-eyed nature of the lashes makes it easy to conform to the current wispy lash trends being seen throughout the beauty industry, while the reusable nature allows you to enjoy the lashes for up to five different times. The slim, comfortable lash band sits discreetly on your lash line, blending with your natural eyelashes in a way that the body-positivity icon Felicity would be proud of. The lashes come equipped with latex-free lash glue. Cruelty free.
Categoria: Cosmetics

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