Eylure C-Lash Lengthening Lashes

Eylure C-Lash Lengthening Lashes

Eylure C-Lash Lengthening Lashes
Descrizione: The Eylure C-Lash Lengthening Lashes expertly replace the look of lost hairs. Set against a flexible, invisible band, the false eyelashes sit undetectably on the lid. They feature long, slender hairs that appear natural on the eye, ideal for those in search of unnoticeable lash replacement. Easy-to-use, the band itself is built to aid application; it offers a more solid foundation that conforms to the curve of the eyelid. These false eyelashes are created by Codilia Gapare, a breast cancer survivor who aims to restore a small display of confidence in others experiencing lash loss. “I created C-LASH for people just like me. I found that such a little change, getting my lashes back, made me feel like I had myself back.” Codilia Gapare
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