Eylure Bryony Bee You Lashes

Eylure Bryony Bee You Lashes

Eylure Bryony Bee You Lashes
Descrizione: Start a buzz with the Eylure x Bryony Blake ‘Bee You’ false eyelashes. Created with the help of the iconic celebrity makeup artist, the lashes allow you to unleash your creativity, revealing a fluttery, doe-eyed finished aesthetic. The individual lashes put the power entirely into your hands, with the long length and fluttery structure making it easy to conform to the wispy lash trends being seen throughout the beauty industry. Choose from a daytime, girl-next-door worthy look or a dramatic party-ready one, the choice is yours. Handmade with love and care, the customisable lashes fit snugly onto your lash line, blending discreetly with your natural eyelashes to reveal a striking, head-turning effect. Complete with latex-free glue and available for up to five wears, the false eyelashes encourage you to exude the confidence and empowerment of Bryony Blake. Cruelty free.
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